Ben Johnson's RV Transition Training

Ben Johnson Provides RV Transition Training To All Pilots Who Wish To Fly An RV Aircraft.

He is an CFI/CFII with hundreds of hours instructing.
Based out of Mesquite Airport, you are seconds away from our practice area.

Ben Johnson was born in Dallas, Texas, attended First Baptist Academy and graduated with a B.S. in Biology from UNT.  He is 37 years old and has over 2000 hours logged.  Ben has been an instructor for 2 years and has been flying for 7.  He has built an RV-6A and is currently building a second aircraft, this one being an RV-7A (RV's being experimental homebuilt aircraft). He is also working on his A+ P license for aircraft maintenance. Ben's has many other hobbies besides flying, and frequently enjoys snow skiing, water skiing, running, traveling, history, science and playing with "Jake", Mesquite Aviations pet Border Collie.