Ben Johnson's RV Transition Training

I offer Transition Training for those interested in flying the RV 6,7,8,or 9 models. The purpose is to get pilots comfortable in the RV so they can solo their own plane. The RV's are not difficult to fly, but there are some different characteristics that should be introduced to the pilot.

As of July 2004 I have trained over 20 future RV'ers. They understand the need to safely move into this high performance aircraft. In addition to flying my own RV for 600 hours,. I have over 2500 hrs. total time and have been instructing for over two years.. I always enjoy giving my students my two cents, as well as having a lot of fun..

After building two RV's and flying for 7 years, I invite you to come and fly with me. But whether you train with me or not I highly encourage you to get proper training before attempting to fly any of the RV series.