The East Texas Macular Degeneration Support Group

The East Texas Macular Degeneration Support Group
June 7, 1994 in honor of Norma Jean Clayton Sanders

Our 8 founding members: Norma Jean Clayton Sanders,
Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Dale, Mr. & Mrs. Nace Mann, Mr. & Mrs. Don Withers, and Sandi Sanders Coates.

Norma Jean Clayton Sanders
Norma Jean Clayton Sanders
January 24, 1920 - December 4, 2007
Life long resident of Tyler
and member of FBC Tyler
Sandi Sanders Coates

The reason for beginning this support group was that in all of my mother's associations in Tyler, there was no one who had MD.  Her SS class, church, Bible club, Circle, Woman's Forum, Garden Club, relatives and friends.  Mother was all alone.  We did a lot of praying, but even the Dr.'s were of no significant help. I began reading everything I could find.  Mother had to see specialists in Dallas, so I would go get her and take her to appointments.  When she could still drive, she drove to my home, then I took her. I would ask so many questions and pick up any information on MD I saw.  Thus the East Texas Macular Degeneration Support Group was born.
We began meeting in the Health South Board Room but we soon grew to the staff all-purpose room.  We then began meeting in the Cancer Center across from Mother Frances Hospital. We met a few times in the sun room of FBC Tyler. And then, we began meeting at the  Rosewood Estates, where we now meet.

     The East Texas Macular Degeneration Support Group

Rosewood Estates


We never know who will attend, but no matter the number, we always meet on schedule. 
Our members are very kind and thoughtful. They love to share their experiences with one another and new members.
You may only come once, but to us, we will always think of you as a member and friend.  
People with MD, or who are interested in attending the program, are welcome to attend.
The East Texas Macular Degeneration Support Group ("MacD's") has reduced their number of meeting dates to (4) each year.

2016 Meeting Dates are March 5, May 7, July 2 and Sept 3.

The Final Meeting Date for 2015 will be Sat, Sept 5 from 10:30-12:00 noon. Rosewood Estates @ 506 Rice Rd in Tyler, TX, 75703.
Speaker: Hannah Osborne, Occupational Therapist of Encompass Home Health... "How Occupational Therapy Can Help Those with Low Vision in the Home".

The 2016 "MacD" meeting dates are: March 5-Dr. Ming Lu, May 7, July 2-Patriodic Program and Sept 3. (At this writing, not all speakers are confirmed.)

Our assistant & publicist for the "MacD" meetings is Debra Painter a Daily Money Mgr.

DIRECTIONS:  From South Broadway turn West (right) onto Rice Rd. (in front of Brookshire's), travel approximately 1/2 mile. Rosewood Estates is on your Left. It is a two-story beige building with turquoise picture frame windows.  There is a covered drive w/automatic glass doors to unload guests. Park any place that isn't designated, "Reserved".

Rosewood Estates
506 Rice Road
Tyler, Texas 75703

For more information contact
Sandi Sanders Coates
972. 288.4760 or



3.6.2010 : "MacD" resumes w/Michelle Boyd bringing us
up-to-date on the activities of the East Tx Lighthouse
for the Blind, where she is the Vocational Director.
Michelle is standing in front of the Left window.
    4.3.2010 : Larry Terrell, one of the Rosewood's manager's,
talked to us About the Steps One Can Take When Health
Prevents Them From Maintaining Their Life at Home.
What Does One Do? Whom Does One Call?
    5.1.2010 : "MacD" 
Penny Story "The Power and Joy of Positive Thinking"
She is a cancer surviver who is being treated for her
third cancer.

June 5 2010 :  Mary Ransom, counselor from the
Tx Dept of Assisted & Rehabilitative Services.  She
shared how her department works with the Low-Vision


Dale Coates presents the East Texas Macular Degeneration Support Group Patriotic Program

East Texas Macular Degeneration Support Group

Dale Coates presents the
East Texas Macular Degeneration Support Group
Patriotic Program


The East Texas Macular Degeneration Support Group
July 2008



The next "MacD" meeting will be Sat March 5, 2016 @ Rosewood Estates (506 Rice Rd) from 10:30am to noon.