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Students and visitors may not bring food, drinks or gum into the studio or waiting areas. Keep all drinks and snacks in the break room.

Please do not leave your child unattended before or after class. We cannot be responsible for them outside the classroom.

It is important for the students to have a clean floor to dance on. Please do not allow students to wear dance shoes outside of the studio. Observe the NO OUTDOOR SHOES IN THE STUDIO signs. If you are investing in dance lessons, shoes are the most important piece of equipment. We require Capezio, Bloch or Sansha shoes for the excellent fit and flexibility. Ballet shoes should NOT be fit with room to grow.

We do not offer combo classes above preschool level. At least 45 minutes for each subject is required for proper warming up, strengthening, stretching and technique. As the student advances the ballet class extends in length with no increase in fee. Ballet level 2 and above is required to take two ballet classes a week.

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