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Spring Recital
A recital is the second week of June. there will be an $40 recital fee per family due with April tuition. all costumes must be paid in full by Dec. 31st. The following prices are estimated based on last year. Preschool $90 (includes two costumes and tights). Child size small and medium $54 each. Large child and adult $58 each. No costume refunds after Dec. 31st. We recommend small monthly payments in advance. Over payments credited to tuition. No costume will be sent home unless all balances including June tuition are paid in full.
August tuition is prorated. Tuition is due the first lesson each month. $10 LATE FEE is added the 10th of each month unless prior payment arrangements have been made. Tuition remains the same September through May even though the amount of classes may vary in any given month. Longer months make up for holidays. No reduction made for missed classes, holidays or bad weather days. Make up classes are encouraged if one is available at the correct level. There is a yearly, non-refundable registration fee of $35 and $10 per student insurance due at enrollment.  To encourage boys to dance, tuition is offered at half the normal rate.

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