1. The home team is listed first on the schedule.
2. The home team sits on the La Prada side at Eastfield complex.
3. NO GLASS containers of any kind at any soccer complex.
4. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES of any kind at any soccer complex.
5. NO SMOKING at any soccer complex.
6. Pets are not allowed at any soccer complex, even on a leash, except those assisting the handicapped.
7. In case of a jersey conflict, visitors will change or wear cover-ups.
8. Parents and spectators must remain at least 5 feet from the touchlines (sidelines). No one may be behind the goal or within 5 feet of the corner flags.
9. Park in marked spaces only, not on streets and curbs. There is NO parallel  parking at Eastfield. 
10. Clean your sidelines! Put all trash in the receptacles provided on the fields after each game.
11. If your team plays the first game of the day, you must hang one net and place 2 corner flags.